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The Get It Done Guide

The Door of Possibility is Right in Front of You

Door of possibilityEvery day we're presented with opportunities to connect with those we meet - whether it's online or in person. We bump into people at Starbucks or on a plane or are introduced to others at work or through social media. When you’re open to the possibilities of what can come from those new interactions, it's exciting to realize that a chance meeting can become a pivotal moment in your life.

The Law of Attraction says that everything that happens to us is because we’ve attracted it based on what we’re thinking. While I definitely believe that our thinking greatly influences what shows up in our lives, I don't think it's enough. The Law of Attraction, on it's own, is too passive. You can’t just wait for goodness to come to you. You  have to participate more fully and really show up.

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Collaboration Creates Synergy

Collaboration creates synergyThere’s something exhilarating that happens when we take action. When we take that first step, even if we don’t know where it’s going to lead us, we get that confidence and courage to take the next step and then the next until we find ourselves in a beautiful place that we could never have even imagined.

Last year I was stuck and wasn’t sure about the direction I wanted to take my business. What I did know is that goodness comes from movement. I had plenty of ideas (which is never the problem for the typical entrepreneur), I just wasn’t sure where to go with them. The magic happened when I opened myself up to partnering with like-minded women. My creative juices started flowing and the path to making my ideas a reality began to evolve. As a result, I was able to create three successful product launches within the month of January.

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Do you Sip or Slurp?

Do you Sip or Slurp?When it comes to information do you sip or slurp? Do you dive in, submerging yourself in as much learning as possible or do you take it one step at a time? Do you like taking in smaller bits of content so you can digest it slowly or can you sit for hours absorbing lots of material?

Over the years as I’ve created various programs I’ve noticed a difference between the sippers and the slurpers and the challenge has been how do I best accommodate both.

How can I go fast enough for the slurpers who want to soak it all in and slow enough for the sippers who want to understand and digest each piece before they move on to the next?

After lots of experimentation and listening to my clients and observing how I feel when I take other people’s courses, I came up with a new approach.

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Consciously Bring More Fun into Your Business

Make a choice to bring fun into your lifeAs an entrepreneur, especially if you love networking and connecting, there are probably lots of opportunities that present themselves to you. You meet people who want to hire you for a project, people who want to collaborate with you, and people who want you to hire them.

So how do you decide which opportunities to pursue?

The easy choice, and likely the first thought for many, has to do with money. What will I get paid for whatever it is I do?  While that’s a valid question, I believe there’s another question that often gets lost in the intense focus on dollars and cents which is…

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Get Comfortable with Selling (Part 1) - Know Your Ideal Client

CEO Woman I’m sure you’ve heard it before. But it can’t be over emphasized that as an entrepreneur you can’t effectively sell if you don’t know who you’re talking to, what their needs and struggles are and how you can specifically be of service to them. To do that you need to really know your ideal client.

So in order to get comfortable with selling, this first step is all about preparation.

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