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Take Your Brain to the Bank"Take Your Brain to the Bank"

5 Shortcuts to Creating Your Very Own
Revenue Generating Info Product


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From: Kim DeYoung

To: Entrepreneurs, Business Owners and Service Professionals

As an entrepreneur you know that it makes good business sense to put out new products. Because the more products you add to your sales funnel, the more customers you can serve AND the better chance have of increasing the lifetime value of your customers.

But when you start thinking about creating your own info product do you suddenly feel stuck? The truth is when it comes to an info product, it's just a matter of speaking to your ideal client and helping them solve their problem via a product versus live or in-person.

If you provide a service - as a coach, nutritionist, interior designer, VA, etc. - then you're a problem solver! You answer questions and problem-solve every time you work with your client. The problem solving probably comes quite naturally to you, and your clients value the information YOU provide.

The question becomes... how can you take those solutions and use them to create an information product that will meet the need of your ideal clients?

To make this happen quickly, the key is to figure out what you know TODAY (without any extra learning) that you can use to help others.

Take Your Brain to the BankWith this report, my goal is to help busy entrepreneurs like you create your very own info product with some of my favorite, proven shortcuts.

In this instant PDF download you will learn...

  • To identify the knowledge that you ALREADY have and that your ideal client is dying to know
  • How to recycle content you have in your head or on your hard drive for an instant cash flow
  • Tips on using different mediums - audio, video, ecourses and more to create an info product your target audience will love
  • How to bust out a professional info product even if you HATE writing and don't want to hire someone else to do it
  • A checklist of 6 things you need to ask yourself BEFORE creating your information product
  • Details about my program where I teach and mentor you through the steps of launching your very own info product in a few short weeks

Don't miss out on the shortcuts available to you on this free report. All you need to do is complete the form on the upper right and you'll immediately receive an email with the link to the download.

To your success,

Kim DeYoung
Your Get It Done Guide
Founder of Get It Done U

PS - I have used all these shortcuts myself! In fact, I'll let you in on a secret... I used these shortcuts to develop this free report. So if you're serious about expanding your reach and leveraging your time with your very own revenue generating info product, make sure to grab this free report today.




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About Kim DeYoung

Dynamic, creative and always resourceful, Kim is the founder of Get It Done U. She’s committed to helping entrepreneurs “get it done” so they can make more money, help more people and get their brilliance out into the world.

Kim began her career in the fashion industry working for companies like the Gap, Banana Republic and J. Crew. In 2008 she launched – a popular online resource for motivated women entrepreneurs. Since then she’s launched a membership program, hosted a telesummit, was on TV and radio (including The Today Show) and released several info-products. In just a year her list grew by over 500% and her web traffic volume more than tripled. Kim recently launched a new website, Get It Done U - the how-to resource for the busy entrepreneur.