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Get Comfortable with Selling (Part 2) - Know Your Benefits

What are the benefits to your ideal client?You’ll see an ongoing theme in this 5-part series on Getting Comfortable with Sellingit’s all about preparation and laying the foundation for your rejection-prevention plan.

Fear of rejection is what makes most people afraid of selling. By following the suggestions in this 5 part series, you’ll minimize that fear, even potentially completely erase it, because you’ll know what to expect and how to handle it.

In the last post I shared the importance of knowing your ideal client. Now I want to share why as an entrepreneur you need to get really clear about what products and services you’re offering to your community and why those products and services will benefit them.

This step involves defining the value in what you bring to the audience.

A mistake that a lot of entrepreneurs make when they’re selling is talking about the features or the characteristics of what they have to offer rather than how it solves your ideal client’s problems or what kind of results the client will get.

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Creating a Networking Tree Will Help You to Connect Effectively

Networking TreeImagine a business where you have really great referral partners and ideal clients. You have clients seeking you out and referral partners who believe in what you do and really want to share your work with their friends and communities.

The question is… how do you go about finding these ideal clients and partners?

The answer is to connect effectively with a broad assortment of people. Business is all about people and all about creating relationships. We all do business with those that we feel connected to. Some of those relationships can be cultivated online and others need to be nurtured in person.

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Successful Marketing Starts with Identifying Your Ideal Client


I'm sure you can remember a time when you've had a less than ideal client. Spend a moment and get an image of that person in your head - that person who completely drains you; that person you have to "keep selling" to remain involved; that person you're literally dragging and pulling along; and that person who leaves you feeling bad after every interaction.

I've been there many times and I tell you it's awful - there's nothing fun about it. My energy's drained. I start feeling bad about my business and where it's going, and I used to wonder if I had a choice. The truth is not everyone is your ideal client and you absolutely have a choice with whom you work.

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