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Great Women’s Gatherings – It’s Time to Reconnect “In Person”

Lately I haven’t been getting out enough and while I like hunkering down for the cold winter with my family, working from the warmth of my home and connecting via phone and social networking, there’s nothing that replaces connecting in person. And, lately I’m missing that part of my life. For me, connecting is a fuel, especially with great women.

In 2007 I started hosting Great Women’s Gatherings in my home. I began them at the suggestion of my coach who reminded me how much I love to entertain and connect with great women so why not put it together with a bit of networking. I never expected it to become what it did, but every month for two years I hosted a gathering on a Saturday afternoon, complete with a full spread of food and drink and a different assortment of women each time.

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The Magic that Happens When Women Entrepreneurs Collaborate

Back in 2009, I hit some pretty low points after my husband had lost his job. Not only was I anxious about our situation, I was in the throes of developing Metromom, and I was watching many other mom entrepreneurs come onto the scene with their own websites and communities. My first reaction was to go to a place of scarcity. I had this awful limiting belief that if they existed, and were doing business, that there wouldn’t be enough left over for me.

As much as that time was very scary for me, I did know two things at that time. First, I knew I wasn’t ready to throw in the towel. Second, I knew that to do business in a way that was fun for me, and to stick around, I would have to just focus on doing business in a “Kim” way, and show up as authentically as possible. Some would be attracted to me and follow me, and others wouldn’t. I trusted it would all be fine.

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Joint Venture - 4 Important Steps to Starting a Successful Partnership

Every once in awhile a joint venture partner will just fall in your lap. But, that's not the norm. More often it requires a little more effort if you're looking to find the "right" partner.

My first suggestion is to get out there and connect. It's extremely critical to become more visible. You need to grow your network among like-minded people. To create a successful joint venture, you want to connect with people who are moving in a similar direction, share a similar goal and common interests.

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Are You Collecting or Connecting?

Being involved in a direct sales business can be fun and it can be intimidating, it all starts with your mindset. One key goal of all women in direct sales is to speak with many women about the opportunity of their business, whether that's sharing products with them  or your business opportunity.

Compare these two mindsets:

  • "I have to network for my business, meet lots of people and collect lots of business cards."
  • "Getting out there and "networking" can be a pleasant experience if I approach it with the desire to connect meaningfully. I can remove the pain and pressure for a transaction to occur."

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Are you Creating Celebrity with Integrity Marketing?

My business girlfriend Laura West wrote a great article about creating more visibility and credibility to easily attract more clients my interacting authentically that I really want to share with you.

The real secret behind successful marketing is realizing that marketing is really about building relationships. As you promote yourself to potential clients you are really building their interest and their understanding of what you do and their trust in you in that you can help them with a solution to their problem.

Part of this relationship building experience is to increase your visibility so you get noticed and build your credibility, so that they view you as a specialist in a certain area. Many people call this being a "rock star" in your market.

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Networking and the Value of Connection – Quality vs. Quantity [Podcast]

While connecting is clearly one of my intentions in all that I do, I’ve discovered that not everyone understands its intrinsic value. Are connections important? How many do you need? This podcast examines the value of connection.


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Creating Online Relationships [Podcast]

Social networking is all about creating relationships. You're known by WHO you are, not by WHAT you do. When others learn about you (and vice versa), only then do they want to know more about your business.



Who Do You Ask For Help?

As an entrepreneur it's so important to have a network of people you can turn to when you have questions. By getting other people involved in your business success, you'll not only get answers to your questions, you'll be inspired by their ideas.

You truly empower yourself when you involve people that will both cheer you on and provide valuable knowledge - people who can show you the "how".

What if you don't feel like you have enough people in your life that can give you the support you need? This is a big issue for mom entrepreneurs because we're home alone and it's difficult to find the business support we're looking for. I believe there's no need to go it alone as mom entrepreneurs are very generous in their support.

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